Hit the Road Jack!

Hit the road Jack!

The audio geeks and them modular nerds are furious these days. They (Apple/ Tim Cook that is) took away the jack/ TRS socket for the headphones.

Me says it was about time and it is about time that especially the pro audio and music technology companies move on in a similar way as well.
There are a lot of reasons for this.
Let’s look at a pedalboard of every next door guitarist: Jack connectors, 9V cables with a different connector, wallbrick power supplies, MIDI with another connector, main power with a different connector. All them cables (weigh them, do not forget it’s metal)! Some say that the musician with 20 pedals ist the one with 20 problems! Just imagine having a cabling solution that carries power, signal data, control data …
Up next: converters! The digital delay pedals, the reverb pedals, the whatever weird gizmo pedals; all run there own converters for AD and DA. When in theory the guitar needs to be ADed once and then only right before it hits the ear of the listener/player via loudspeakers. You get the twist.

This is a big subject, you could easily extend this to a lot of gear from various genres.
Think of a world where each device that is a part of a system (and which device isn’t) had a lightning socket. and all the lightning cables would feature just the plug, not the USB bollocks on the other end.
Then you could connect everything with anything with no hassle at all as the digital flow would sort out the communication, power supply, you name it. BUT … and this is the annoying part with the new iPhone 7, it has only one socket!
That means that any device added to the iPhone either blocks another functionality, like you connect a midi interface and loose the audio (except for wireless but that is a totally different can of worms … but … hey, could be cool also) …
So Apple jacks off! This is a relieve 🙂 And less stuff is less distraction, man can focus on creation!

By the way, as far as I know Tascam are the only ones offering a lightning interface with MIDI and iOS charging.

The house that Jack built … to be continued!