Unser Star für Oslo, The emperor’s new clothes?

The following is not politically correct, I just can’t believe it:

 USFO – Our Star for Oslo, the Norwegian City where the next Eurosvision Songcontest will take place.  The history of this event has seen very few great moments for the representatives of my home country. We had reserved the last position quite often for us. That resulted in very weird activities from NDR, the northern german public broadcaster, responsible  of the organization of the local aspects of this contest as there are finding the singers, the songs and organize the preselection shows.

After the very unsuccessful last years, they stopped trusting the taste of the public and “nominated” three singers that could be voted into the final contest. The selection of nominees was “eyebrow raising ” already. Has beens, comedians, wannabes – equipped with songs from the wastepaper baskets of composers – they were that bad, indeed were chosen to represent the country of  Poets and Thinkers in the field of lyrics and music: Songs. Unf……believable.

After disaster struck several times the TV stations partnered with successful producer and TV host Stefan Raab who successfully took the piss out of the german contributions in the late nineties with Guildo Horn, himself and Max Mutzke. They decided to casting show a bunch of new, young talent together and then … yeah … then a song should show up as well and send the package to Oslo to represent german song culture.

Two finalists were chosen by the german public. Two 18 year old girls – who are amazing. Jennifer Braun is a great singer, Lena Meyer-Landrut a real character. The public went for character though, to be honest, Lena always entertained with her weird performance and special way to sing, but hitting the right notes is not her first ability.  Enter the songs: Lena will sing Satellite, Jennifer would have sung I care for you. And they are both VERY mediocre songs. Well arranged and played by the incredible Heavytones, yes. However, the songs, I do not get it. They are more like Soul Tracks, but without a real hook. Sorry, I don’t hear a single. And even on the production which went to iTunes the day after the german final Lena is not really cutting it to make listening to it a pleasure.

Why, why were the songs selected like this? Who selected them? The public just has to choose from what they’ve been presented to. And that looks to me like the emperor’s new clothes. The quality is just not there. Where are all the great song writers? Where are all the great german lyricists? I wish Jennifer and Lena a good start into the music business, but for Lena, I am afraid there is only a position in the lower ranks of the song contest. But, let’s wait what the other countries do have for us. And maybe I am totally wrong any ways.

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