Tronical Tune – how to install and how it works!

Tronical Components GmbH have just released a number of videos that showcase all the things you need to know regarding the Tronical Tune retro fit kits.

This one demonstrates what it takes to install Tronical Tune onto a standard Electric Guitar.

For quickly tuning all the strings of a guitar at once use the Multi String Feature:

You know that one of the most musical features of the Tronical Tune System is the availability of multiple tunings. Here you can see how you select an alternate tuning and apply it.

The reference tuning feature is very important if you want to play with musicians that use instruments that cannot be easily tuned to the standard A, 440 Hz tuning. Like Grand Pianos, Pianos etc. Here you can see how you “calibrate” the standard tuning to any reference note of another instrument. Or even Orchestras, they are known to tune to 444 Hz … or 442 Hz or even … but that’s a different story.

Now, if you are like Mike Mushok or … totally your utter mega self – you wanna store your very own, individually developed tuning to the system as well. How you can do this you will find in the next video: