Skating Dog Music Production

Skating Dog Production started out as a studio and production environment for Thomas Wendt’s musical projects like SheBaeng, and Tom Wendt (formerly known as t|o|m). He is writing, playing guitar and keyboards, singing and doing all the engineering. Additionally to this he composed and produced Music for the Shortfilm Documentary “Kurzschluss, das Kurzfilmmagagzin” for the European TV Channel Arte. In the last decade several very diverse projects came to live.

Also Thomas is often booked for mixing records. Get in touch for rates!!

SheBaeng – CD “SheBaeng”

David Nesselhauf – CD “Amateur”

Eaten by Sheiks – CD “Come away”

No√®lle Poetry Project – CD “Wilder Wein”

Chanson Bardun – CD “Bardun LIVE”

SOS – Sounds on Stories

Oberer Totpunkt – CD “10 Grad vor OT”, CD “Erde Ruft!”, CD “Stiller Zoo” und CD “Desiderat”

Tom Wendt – CD “t|o|m”

Tom Wendt – CD “Kehrwieder” on iTunes and Spotify

and many more …

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